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2020 Twardowski
Grand Cru Pinot Noir
and the present-future Mosel

{ is this the apogee of Mosel Pinot Noir?
I think the answer has to be an unequivocal YES. }
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This is the first time we have offered the entire collection!
2020 Twardowski Pinot Noir Hofberg Réserve
2020 Twardowski Pinot Noir "Ardoise" 
2020 Twardowski Pinot Noir "3rd" 

As we've gone deeper and deeper into German Pinot Noir, the Mosel has in fact become an almost shocking "ground zero" - it could just be that some of Germany's most exciting Pinot Noirs are coming from this hallowed land of Riesling.

In a way this is very surprising; in a way this makes complete sense.

The Mosel represents Pinot Noir at its most gossamer and soaring, at its most agile - just as it does with Riesling. The best Mosel Pinots have an undeniable, Mosel-like architecture, meaning low alcohol, a certain briskness, a levity, a streamlined yet whip-smart acidity, a fine-toothed grip.

Yet Twardowski is simply on a different level.

He has taken this Pinot Noir project more seriously than nearly anyone (at least in the Mosel), and you can taste it. 

As such, this means that these wines could be among the greatest Pinot Noirs in Germany, not just the Mosel. We do not write such a statement lightly.

We cannot recommend these wines enough and the general reception of the few bottles we've managed to get for the U.S. has been nothing short of incredible. The quality, the seamless finesse and finely knit elegance of the wines is just devastatingly obvious.

While we first introduced Daniel Twardowski's Pinot Noirs to the U.S. in the spring of 2021, this is the first time ever that we have been able to offer the entire range - a simple and perfect trilogy of wines.

The Hofberg Réserve is the top wine, made from a tiny parcel of Burgundian selection massale grafted onto 40 to 70-year-old vines; this wine sees the most whole-cluster and the newest wood. This is one of the best Mosel Pinots I've personally ever tasted; yet it is also a wine for the cellar.

The "Ardoise" (the French word for slate) is the central (and original) wine of the estate, made with about 35% whole cluster. This is the soulful heart of the project, of the property.

The "3rd" bottling is from the youngest vines; it is fresh and linear, yet still, as Mosel Fine Wines declares, the wine already "shows a level of elegance that only a few reds in the region can reach."

We've provided full Mosel Fine Wines notes on the bottles below, but their summary is to the point: "The quality of these 2020er Pinot Noir wines cannot be underlined enough: This is an amazing result!''

While we've told the backstory before, it's worth quickly recounting. Twardowski is a Burgundy fanatic with deep connections there. This project, something of his life's work, is a deep-dive into the potential of Mosel Pinot Noir, with vine material from Clos de la Roche, Richebourg and Romanée St. Vivant and top barrels from producers like DRC, Leroy and Rousseau.

This is a super curious project, both wildly ambitious with a bit of that "spare-no-expense" mentality, and yet it's also wildly personal and authentic. All the money - every damn Euro - being spent is focused on the vines, the vineyards, the barrels. There is no fancy estate, no designed tasting room. In fact, Daniel is operating out of the cellar of a small defunct estate; the scale and layout was perfect for the extreme focus of the project.

While he has obsessed about every single detail in how these Pinots are made, he has not even bothered to change the signage outside.

This myopic obsession has paid off: These Pinot Noirs are both stunning and singular.

But words fail me and I wonder, earnestly, what can I write to make someone take the leap of faith on these wines? Compare any of these wines to Burgundy and I believe they will at the very least hold their own. In their top form, they will embarrass wines many times their price.

Regardless, I believe Twardowski's Pinots are well worth the tariff; if I did not we would not be offering them. It's really as simple as that.

If you are a Burgundy lover, taste for yourself. These Pinot Noirs are complex, transparent, supple, intense yet featherweight. They are everything, everything, that great Pinot Noir aspires to - just in a singular form and from a singular place.

But like we said, taste for yourself. Here's your chance.

2020 Twardowski Pinot Noir "Hofberg Réserve" 
"The 2020 Pinot Noix Hofberg Réserve, as it is referred to on the front label (red in color), was made with 35-40% of stems from fruit harvested on a massal selection grafted on 40 to 70-year-old vines and was matured in an equal mix of new barrique and used Burgundy barrique which had previously been used only once. This red-ruby-colored wine offers a superbly complex and engaging nose of raspberry, rose petal, lavender, fine spices, minty herbs, dark spices, and peony. The wine has great presence and intensity on the palate, with some creamy tannins and great finesse. The finish is beautifully engaging, precise, and dynamic. This combines depth and elegance in a quite remarkable way. What a breathtaking Spätburgunder!" Mosel Fine Wines, Nov. No. 69, March 2024

2020 Twardowski Pinot Noir "Ardoise" 
"The 2020 Pinot Noix Ardoise, as it is referred to on the front label (white in color), was made with 35% of stems from fruit harvested on more than 10-year-old vines and was matured in a mix of 25% new oak, 50% Burgundy barrique used only once, and 25% of barrique used a third time. This red-ruby-colored wine offers a superbly floral and refined nose, which needs a couple of minutes to develop notes of zesty fruits, minty herbs, fine spices, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, and lavender. The wine proves straight and superbly fresh on the palate, where tannins are already very well integrated. The finish is superbly refreshing and pure. This is a great, fresh Pinot Noir." Mosel Fine Wines, Nov. No. 69, March 2024

2020 Twardowski Pinot Noir "3rd" 
"The 2020 Pinot Noix 3rd, as it is referred to on the front label (light green in color), was made with 10-20% of stems from fruit harvested on up to 10-year-old vines and was matured in 2-3-year-old used Burgundy barrique. This lightly red-colored wine offers a beautifully spicy and herbal nose of ripe red fruits, blackberry, cherry, licorice, iodine, and a hint of almond pit, all wrapped in a fine note of volatile acidity. The wine proves superbly light-weighted and finely juicy on the fresh and zesty palate. The finish has good grip and energy, with slightly present tannins which still need to be integrated. This is a superb drinking Pinot Noir." Mosel Fine Wines, Nov. No. 69, March 2024

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