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22 Grand Cru Dry Riesling
the dry Mosel comes of age

{ "Max Kilburg has been able to offer an impressive range of 2022s.. the wines show remarkable freshness and finesse. The dry wines...are superb in their precision and lightness."
-Mosel Fine Wines, No. 68, Dec. 2023 }
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Grand Cru Two-Pack 
includes one bottle of each Grand Cru below 
2022 Riesling Goldtröpfchen Grand Cru Dry
2022 Riesling Ohligsberg Grand Cru Dry

It does seem like Max Kilburg is becoming a star.

Or maybe he already is a star? Sometimes the rapidity of it all even surprises us.

We first introduced Max Kilburg in April of 2021 with his lovely 2020 Kabinetts. The 2020 Grand Cru dry Riesling offer came out about a year later. Both offers sold briskly, which was maybe a bit surprising given these were the first appearances of his wines in the U.S.

But on the other hand, the Rieslings are crystalline and forceful, well-balanced and poised. The prices are more than fair and Max's biography, with time spent with Julian Haart, surely didn't hurt.

Yet, by the time we offered Max's 2021 Kabinetts something had already changed; people were talking. The offer sold out immediately and we simply couldn't meet demand. A friend told us about a few bottles that resurfaced on WineBid some months later and sold for over $100.

Max prices his wines very fairly and we will too. Please don't buy these wines just to resell. Buy them to drink them!

And drink them ye should: Here we present only our fifth Kilburg offer with a duo of Grand Cru dry Rieslings from the Goldtröpfchen and Ohligsberg vineyards.

The 2022ers come to us with a airy energy, a buoyancy that makes them feel not only weightless, but even explosive or better, expansive.

No, they do not have the severity or the teeth-rattling acids of the 2021ers, but 2022 does have a shocking energy and a cool-toned profile that is refreshing and even exciting. The textural density of these wines matched to their lightness is simply head-turning.

We've presented the full story a few times, but here's the quick recap. We first heard Max's name when he worked with Julian Haart a few years ago. While Max is the 20th-generation winemaker at his family's historic estate, Geierslay, the two Grand Crus on offer today are part of his own small line of wines sourced from two, older-vine parcels in both the Ohligsberg and the Goldtröpfchen totaling only 1.2 hectares.

Trapped at home in quarantine for most of 2020 and early 2021, the reviews coming from Mosel Fine Wines piqued our interest to be sure. They wrote things like: "Mosel lovers of refined and playful wines have a new star to put on their radar screen!" So when we were finally able to go back to Germany, in August of 2021, the visit to Kilburg was one of our most anticipated visits. The wines did not disappoint.

Since then, well, we've had a regular appointment with Max and he was with us this summer at the vom Boden tenth anniversary party. He is undoubtedly a talent... yet there is not much to be had. Max is farming only 1.2 hectares so yes, quantities of the Grand Crus are very limited. Please give us your maximum order and we will do our best.

Stephen and Robert

2022 Max Kilburg Riesling Grand Cru Dry Two-Pack 
The two-pack contains one of each of the Grand Cru bottlings, detailed below.

2022 Max Kilburg Riesling Goldtröpfchen Grand Cru Dry
"The 2022er Goldtröpfchen Riesling Trocken, as it is referred to on the consumer label, was made from up to 40-year-old vines in a parcel in the Niederemmel part of the vineyard harvested at 90° Oechsle. The wine was fermented and matured for 12 months in a mix of 500-liter old tonneau and stainless-steel tank down to bone-dry Riesling (below 3 g/l of residual sugar). The first nose immediately catches one’s attention as it delivers plenty of candied yellow fruits (peach, pear, lemon, and a touch of juicy pineapple) as well as almond cream, candy floss, fine spices, cinnamon, and a hint of smoke. As it gets more airing, it clearly moves towards a fresher style. The wine is superbly well balanced on the palate, where some light fruity and creamy elements interplay with fresher notes of herbs and zest. The finish is full of tension and is very precise. This is a classy dry Riesling." -Mosel Fine Wines, No. 68

2022 Max Kilburg Riesling Ohligsberg Grand Cru Dry 
"The 2022er Ohligsberg Riesling Trocken, as it is referred to on the consumer label, was made from up to 40-year-old vines harvested at 87° Oechsle. The grapes were pressed with an old basket press and the wine was fermented and matured for 12 months in stainless-steel tank down to bone-dry Riesling (below 3 g/l of residual sugar). Initially still marked by residues from its spontaneous fermentation, it slowly reveals a superbly complex, finely fruity, and layered nose of yellow flowers, vineyard peach, orange blossom, jasmine, violet, Conference pear, and almond cream. The wine proves superbly balanced on the palate, where a hint of fruity elements is wrapped in cream and candied zesty elements. The bone-dry finish proves superbly well delineated and spicy and has great length and precision as well as some tartness in need of integration. This is a great dry Riesling." -Mosel Fine Wines, No. 68

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