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Soilpimp Selections


What is Soilpimp Selections?

I don't have an answer yet to the question, "What is Soilpimp Selections"?


What I do know is that I have no interest in the traditional model of an importer or distributor. I want to work with growers I love and respect to experiment, explore. This first collaboration with Hofgut Falkenstein gives you some idea of the project, yet each collaboration will be unique, working with the growers together, with creativity and freedom.


I truly believe the landscape of German wine is the most exciting it has ever been. The great estates are finally achieving the recognition they deserve; in so many instances the established estates are helping to foster a completely new generation of growers who are defining, and redefining, these historic landscapes.


It will be my honor to work with estates to give them the freedom to push boundaries, and to explore grapes, terroirs and methodologies they may otherwise feel are beyond their grasp... or at least beyond commercial viability.


There is no specific timeframe for any project; everything will be done only when it's worth doing. In any event, all Soilpimp Selections will first be offered exclusively through Source Material Wine - so if you're signed up, you'll hear about it first.