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rare, large format
for the holidays
2018 Wasenhaus

{ Not to be too dramatic, but there is zero chance that the tiny, cult estate of Wasenhaus will ever offer 3L bottles in any significant quantities again. }
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This is a "perfect storm" offering, a wild-eyed, far-fetched and certainly crazy request that we sent Alex and Christoph in early March 2020, as the world fell apart and they were beginning to plan for the bottling of their deep 2018 vintage.

We asked for a preposterous number of Jeroboams (3L bottles). After a pregnant pause, they said: "uh, ok?"

It was an act of reckless optimism in the face of utter chaos. We are so glad we have them.

And, in the same way, your buying a jeroboam or two (that's where the deal is) is a similar act of optimism. We think, years from now (months from now?), you will be very glad you acted on this impulse.

In our quarantined, isolated worlds, we have to believe in a moment when we will gather, unmasked, safely throwing caution to the wind to hug one another, to snuggle up to each other by the dinner table, to drink copious amounts of wine, together.

Whether you buy these big bottles or not, as we enter into what will be a strange holiday for all of us, know that we will get back to that essential humanity in our lives. We just have to be patient.

In the meantime, here is a chance to prepare your cellar for the reunions to come.

There is some logic here too; it's not all insanity. These two wines come to you at something like a 25% discount because, well, the 25% tariffs do NOT apply to these large-format bottles.

So, while there is normally a 20-40% premium for this rare format, the two-pack comes to you cheaper than the 750mls.

What we are proposing is a two-pack of jeroboams: one 2018 Spätburgunder (the estate wine, the Bourgogne Rouge if you will) at $200 and one 2018 Spätburgunder Möhlin (the Grand Cru and, in their words, the greatest Pinot Noir they have ever made) at $500.

$700 is not a small sum of money, admittedly, but these are SERIOUS rarities from a young estate that already has (after only two vintage releases) a cult-like status and a strong following. It's also the equivalent of eight bottles, so we're talking less than $100 a bottle.

If you have experienced the Pinot Noirs of Wasenhaus, you already know.

If you haven't, the measured introduction would be something like: these are among the most talked-about wines in Germany and they deserve this status. Honestly, I’ve had few people taste these wines and not have an eyebrow raise or a jaw drop. They are not only that good, but they are that obviously good.

The Wasenhaus Pinot Noirs show an uncommon lightness and clarity; a finesse that embarrasses most other German Pinot Noirs. The Wasenhaus wines are ultra-fine, with a textural elegance that is second to none. I have personally never had a German Pinot Noir with such a high thread-count, such an extremely satiny texture.

Yes, it'll be a strange holiday. However, we will get through the holiday, through the winter. Spring will come. And these wines will age effortlessly for 5-10+ years, so no real rush.

Either way, we all hope that someday very soon, large gatherings will not only be safe, they will be something of a common occurrence and we will all need a lot of big bottles.

We are wishing you a safe holiday and we are so thankful for all the support and kind notes.

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