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vinyl from the 1970s
Riesling from 2020

{ weaving together different worlds, separated by medium, time and space and geography }
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You could argue that in wine, and in music, we're all seeking the indescribable - that rare moment of enveloping energy that makes your fingernails reverberate. It's, of course, impossible to describe, but when you've got it, you know it.

With today's vinyl and wine pairing, we want to try and create that energy, bringing together two different worlds that we believe will weave themselves into each other in a most profound way.

This is a combination that you will have to assemble; it is two unique offers.

1975 The Peace's Zamrock Masterpiece "Black Power"
an exclusive VMP limited pressing,
sold via Vinyl Me Please

2020 Preview! Riesling 2-Pack
1 bottle 2020 Beurer Riesling Trocken
1 bottle 2020 Lauer Riesling "Senior"

First, the record.

Through the online vinyl store / community Vinyl Me Please, we are pleased to offer an exclusive pressing of the Zamrock masterpiece Black Power from The Peace. First recorded in 1973-74, this is a canonical Zamrock album that simply sounds like nothing else, combining traditional African music with additional influences ranging from psychedelic guitar riffs to James Brown funk. Eight songs offer an incredible range of tone and energy, simultaneously referencing so many diverse musical genres while laying foundations and inspirations for bands from The Talking Heads (listen to "I Don't Know"), R.E.M. ("I Have Got No Money"), the White Stripes ("This Is the Time Now") to any number of jam bands ("Umbwalwa Ne Chamba"). And this is just scratching the surface.

We first learned about the Zamrock genre from Eothen “Egon” Alapatt’s fantastic reissues on his label Now-Again Records (do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Vinyl Me Please and Now-Again Records mailing list). Zamrock is a musical genre that emerged in Zambia, after the country's 1964 independence. Then-President Kenneth Kaunda introduced the slogan "one Zambia, one nation" to promote unity and decreed that 95% of the music played on Zambian radio stations had to be Zambian in origin. Since Western rock was popular in Africa, many Zamrock artists referenced the rock music being played at the time on radios in England and the U.S.

Yet of course, Zamrock is completely unique; the music has an undefinable energy and tension. Something similar, maybe, are the soaring tones, the similar energy and tension a great Riesling can have.

Which leads us to the crazy similarities between Zamrock and German Riesling and our attempts, at least, to explain or rationalize the shivers-up-the-spine feelings we get when this curious vinyl and wine pairing aligns itself.

And so here we are, once again trying to describe the indescribable. It is impossible to describe Zamrock; it must be heard. It's impossible to describe the preternatural balance of a Lauer Riesling, the expanding vibrations and depth of a Beurer Riesling. One must be heard, the other must be tasted.

We'd ask that you try these together, an experiment in singular expressions, across mediums, time and space.

Please buy the record here.

Second, the wines.

We thought it'd be fun to pair this amazing record from the 1970s with the freshest Rieslings we could find. With the bottlings from the high-energy 2020 vintage just landing (or in the case of the Lauer, nearly landed), we couldn't pass up this opportunity to give you a "first look" at two electric Rieslings from what appears to be another superb German vintage.

Though, you can taste them for the first time, in real time, as we taste them, and decide for yourself.

Both Rieslings should be available and ready to ship the first week of May. So this is technically a pre-arrival offering, though just barely - we should be able to get these out ASAP so you can have something of a preview of the 2020 vintage early this spring. 

Please email us at to buy the wines.

2020 Preview! Beurer / Lauer Riesling 2-Pack
1 bottle 2020 Beurer Riesling Estate Trocken
1 bottle 2020 Lauer Riesling "Senior"

While his family grew grapes, Jochen Beurer lived on his bike. He eventually became the European BMX Champion and lived a strange life jumping bikes over cars and doing various stunts, all of which ended up taking a toll on his body, and his bones. And he found he missed his family’s vineyards. So he returned, the prodigal son, and decided not only to grow the grapes, but to do so following the principles of biodynamics. And with such amazing grapes he thought it’d be a shame to sell them, so he decided to make the wine as well. Thus began one of the most influential wineries in the south of Germany, just outside of Stuttgart. Here is a “simple” dry Riesling that vibrates with energy, has depth and mellow citrus and soil tones. Here is a wine that takes something known — dry Riesling — and somehow pushes the boundaries, adds curious and singular inflections, making it something utterly unique. This is the 2020, just arrived; you will get the first taste.

For decades the Lauer estate, in Germany's famed Saar Valley, focused on dry and dry-tasting Rieslings. They employed natural fermentations that allowed the wines to find their own balance, and Lauer's "Senior" is perhaps the boldest, the most powerful, the most famous expression of Riesling in this incredible range, not quite dry, but not quite off-dry either. Sourced from a Grand Cru site, the Kupp, from a parcel with ungrafted vines up to and over 70 years old, this is a wine of tremendous depth and mineral expression and... balance. There is simply nothing else like it. This is a legend of a wine. It arrives in two weeks and you will get the first taste.


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