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Joh. Bapt. Schäfer
2021 Pittermännchen Kabinett
BTG on Mount Olympus, for real

{ 2021 Kabinett Kraziness vol. 1 }
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2021 Riesling Pittermännchen Kabinett 
(2019 and 2017 photographed above - 2021 on sale)

The Kabinetts of 2021 may turn out to be the greatest ever made in the 50-year history of the genre.

Before you freak out that I’m hyping something without reason or caution, read the vom Boden vintage report; this is a philosophical argument, not one based on any grand tasting or even my limited tastings.

Regardless, the Kabinetts of 2021 will easily achieve legendary status. This much is certain.

The best simply have more voltage, more energy. They showcase a ravishing cut and have a formidable, polished and soaring architecture. They are, to quote from my own vintage report, "like drinking from a mountain stream while sticking your finger into an electrical socket."

This offer is truly mineral water for the gods - BTG *right now* on Mount Olympus.

As good as the dry wines are, the truth is that Keller first turned me on to Schäfer's Kabinetts. The absolute genius of these wines is that there is nothing that is not essential.

The 2021 Pittermännchen Kabinett flaunts this mineral-water purity; Riesling filtered through slate and stone. The fruit is ultra-fine and layered, green apple to spiced pear and white peach. There is a dazzling herbal complexity; a gin and tonic quinine quality that keeps the wine feeling nimble and light and electric... or is it the 9+ grams of acidity that crackles through the mid-palate?

We enjoyed a Sebastian Schäfer double-header; he deserves the attention. Go as deep as you can here, because we won't see any wines from him until we're battling Keller and all the winemaker-insiders for Schäfer's 2021 Goldloch Kabinett which went to auction in the fall of 2022. 

Schäfer's Pittermännchen Kabinett will easily cellar for 10-30+ years so if you have the cellar space, go deep. If you don't have the cellar space, dig a bigger cellar?

Only one Fuder, just over 100 cases made total - only a small fraction of this coming to the U.S.

2021 Joh. Bapt. Schäfer Riesling Pittermännchen Kabinett 

Sebastian Schäfer is farming some well-known sites in the lower Nahe, including the Goldloch and Pittermännchen, to name only the most famous two vineyards. Both are considered Grand Crus. Sebastian lives in Burg Layen, directly across the street in fact from the other famous grower of this village, Caroline Diel. This is the lower section of the Nahe, a few miles downstream from Monzingen, where Emrich-Schönleber’s sites are. Sebastian is farming only eight hectares; this is a small scale, family estate in all the ways we truly value. Sebastian started working in the winery with his father in 1997, though his first true vintage (where he made all the calls in the cellar) was 2002. The reputation of the estate has grown quite a bit - it seems to be growing larger every year to be honest. In 2014 the estate was welcomed into the VDP and the Goldloch Kabinett - as readers of this site may already know - is one of my favorite Kabinetts out there.

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