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"Jeroboam" auf Deutsch
signed 5.0L bottles

{ Frank and Werner Schönleber have agreed to bottle a very limited number of 2021 Halenberg GGs 5.0L bottles - and they will sign them, just for us, just for you... }
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Every year when I taste the new vintage with Frank Schönleber I push and prod for the easy one-liner. It's a bad habit, I admit it.

Frank is easily one of the most reserved tasters I've met. No matter how eager I am, Frank just tastes slowly, exhales and sits there silently, thinking. Even with the ultra-hyped 2019ers, Frank pushed back against any grand narrative, saying simply, "Let's see where the wines are in five years, then we can make a sound judgement."

That said, with 2021 things are different, in so many ways. This is the first truly cool-climate vintage since 2013 (?) and the fierce and compact structure of these wines is truly, truly thrilling. It is obvious, it is present... even now - already.

Frank, always the most reserved and circumspect, wrote the following about his 2021ers: "This will be an insanely good vintage. Low yields, extremely high quality! Be curious!"

This is not about sales; the estate easily sells out their small production (even smaller in the 2021 vintage). This is about the truly epic quality of this vintage.

For fans of 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2013 - 2021 represents what is likely going to be a rarer and rarer phenomenon. Obviously do as you feel is most prudent, but for Robert and me this is easily one of the most exciting vintages of the last decade or two and we are going BIG - literally and figuratively.

So, after a bit of a back-and-forth as to what might be possible, Frank and his father Werner Schönleber have agreed to bottle a very limited amount of 5.0L bottles for us. (A 5.0L is the equivalent of 6.67 bottles in one, making the per-bottle cost here very reasonable). They will both sign the bottles.

For us, Emrich-Schönleber is simply one of the greatest estates in Germany, a part of our holy trilogy that includes Keller and Schäfer-Fröhlich. We expect demand (and pricing) to follow an upward trajectory in the next decade, so this offer today represents not only the rare chance to grab a cornerstone bottling for your cellar, but also represents a serious value.

2021 Emrich-Schönleber Halenberg GG 5.0L
All Jeroboams (5.0Ls) will be custom-bottled for us and signed by both Frank and Werner Schönleber. 

This offer is now closed. If you need help finding the wines please email