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Daniel Twardowski
2018 Pinot Noir
speaking the same language
Mosel & Burgundy

{ We are proud to offer Twardowski's stunning 2018 Pinot Noirs including the first-ever release of the Hofberg Réserve }
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We first introduced Daniel Twardowski's Burgundian Pinot Noirs to the U.S. earlier this year. We had been following his work for many vintages, yet it was the 2016ers and 2017ers that really piqued our interest. The wines had finally arrived at a very serious place.

However, with vintage 2018, arguably one of the greatest red-wine vintages in Germany ever, they have quite simply arrived at the next level. The 2018ers are - and there aren't really any close comparisons - among the greatest Pinot Noirs to come out of the Mosel. I think you could say they are among the greatest Pinot Noirs to come out of Germany. (And yes, they are from the Mosel.)

Blind tasting. It's a crude game, but it's also sometimes an honest game, effective and revealing. We tasted Twardowski's 2018ers blind in Germany with a small group in a lineup that included Rousseau's 2014 and 2016 Clos de Bèze. The Hofberg Réserve was everyone's favorite, easily. We were convinced it spoke the most clearly of limestone. (You should note all wine professionals, us included, are blind in a world so much more complex than we are: both of Twardowski's Pinot Noirs are from slate soils.)

But the simple fact is everyone - EVERYONE - thought the Hofberg Réserve was the most transparent, most elegant, most superb wine in the flight, by a country mile. No question. Twardowski's "Ardoise" bottling was in an even run with the two Bèze, some preferring one or the other. But there was no clear "winner" among the "Ardoise" and the two Bèze. They were all playing at the same general level.

There is the reflexive desire as a German wine specialist to try and explain or excuse pricing that isn't well, well below the obvious qualitative or market value. A sheepish, apologetic stance: "I'm sorry this is priced at a fraction of what comparable French wine is priced at!" No more. We aren't going to apologize for simply stunning wines that clock in at what very good village-level Burgundy is priced at... or, in the case of the more expensive Hofberg, at 1/10th the cost of the absolute cheapest Rousseau Clos de Bèze in the U.S.

If you are a Burgundy lover, taste for yourself. These Pinot Noirs are complex, transparent, supple, intense yet featherweight. They are everything, everything, that great Pinot Noir aspires to.

We've told the backstory before, but it's worth recounting. Twardowski is a Burgundy fanatic with deep connections there. His whole project is a spare-no-expense, deep-dive into the potential of Mosel Pinot Noir, with vine material from Clos de la Roche, Richebourg and Romanée St. Vivant and top barrels from producers like DRC, Leroy and Rousseau.

There are two wines on this offer. The "Ardoise" (French for slate) is Twardowski's main wine. It is a single-vineyard, "Grand Cru" Pinot Noir sourced from a tiny, 3-hectare plot within the Grand Cru Hofberg. It is deeply concentrated, elegant, with a precious energy - a cut and grip to it that is so rewarding.

Vintage 2018, however, also marks the first release of the Hofberg Réserve - a wine made from Pinot Noir grafted onto very old vines (70+ years old). It is simply stunning. These come in beautiful wooden 6ers, as befitting a wine this good - so maybe consider the 6-pack buy. It'll look cool in your cellar and, more importantly, you will be very happy to have a little quantity of this wine. When you look back in 10 years, I think the value here will be evident.

Obviously, projects like this are the work of many, many decades, if not many lifetimes. Still, the potential here was revealed early and it was obvious. Already, nearly five years ago, Jancis Robinson was calling Daniel’s Pinots “one of her favorite wines” in the German Pinot Noir tastings. For us, the real story begins in 2016 and 2017 and with 2018, well, it's simply a blockbuster.

Like we said, taste for yourself. Here's your chance.

2018 Twardowski Pinot Noir "Ardoise" 

2018 Twardowski Pinot Noir Hofberg Réserve

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